Tyrone –

Victim Location 07030

Total money lost $136.28

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered through an advertisement on Facebook wonen’s clothing retail items. Paid expedited shipping to arrive in 10 days however Arrived a month later. 4 items cheap, didn’t fit as indicated tried to return based on their policy. Took 10+ emails before they would even provide return address. Appears to be COMPUTER BOT responses and only way to contact them is email with similar responses, no phone. Paid $40 to return to exact address once received. 4 months later package arrived back to my address UNCLAIMED. All the while sending them documentation of return via email & tracking, order #/amount. They would not refund monies on the basis that they didn’t “receive” the package. The package was confirmed delivered by the Shanghai Bureau to the correct address however they do not accept it so it goes ‘unclaimed’ and there is no recourse on the customers end. By time this happened, it was beyond dispute resolution timeframe with my credit card company.

This company takes advantage of people despite mailing a less-than-subpar product, is frustrating to communicate with only via email bot, doesn’t accept returns or refund according to stated policy so doesn’t uphold their return policy & gets away with it b/c we have no recourse in US as it’s a China-based company. The USPS with all my documentation had no jurisdiction to do anything Once it goes through customs outside the U.S.

Colin –

Victim Location 36830

Total money lost $49.38

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Lovely ads and website online, free shipping….. however the quality of garments unexceptionable! Venidress would not refund the money offered $5usd if I returned which would be more than my shipping. Basically lost all my money!

Michelle –

Victim Location 80210

Total money lost $164.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is fraudulent and does not uphold their clearly stated return policy on their website. I received my order and all items ordered were of extremely poor quality (one dress the strap simply broke, fell off the dress, when I went to try it on). Per their website, returns are on them if the quality is poor, etc. An excerpt from their website: "We responsible or partially responsible for all following defective item within 30 days: stains, zipper malfunction, ripped or torn, very poor quality materials, obvious color difference, major difference between the photographed product and the product received."

However, all this said, this company is refusing to accept the return of my unworn merchandise, continues to drag the situation out, and has zero regard for customer satisfaction. They are claiming that if I want to return the items, I must pay the shipping (back to China), which is a clear violation of their posted return policy.

Stay away!

Nina –

Victim Location 21230

Total money lost $54.17

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an ad on Instagram for Venidress, an online women’s clothing company. I bought two dresses (the same dress in two different sizes because I did not know which size would fit me better). I received no email receipt after the online purchase, even though their website said that an email receipt would be sent. When the package arrived, no receipt or return form was included with the package.

The clothes are terrible quality and not true to size. The phone number on their website does not work. Their items ship from Asia and all the wording is not in English. I am currently trying to return the dresses that I bought, and doubt I will ever see the money. They have asked me to just keep or try to sell them myself in exchange for 15% off my next order. They said that if I want to return them, I must pay for shipping and for customs fees will be taken out of my return payment. They are dragging out the process and still have not provided a mailing address for me to ship the clothes back.

Here is a page of reviews from people who have all had problems similar to mine.

Wesley –

Victim Location 12550

Total money lost $214

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received the ad on Instagram, and proceeded to the site, the clothing looked legit, I was looking for cotton clothing, at affordable prices. I ordered what had cotton, everything was on sale, and the designs looked really good in the pictures. once the order went through I never got an email confirmation of the purchase or a tracking number. I just received a paypal invoice. I proceeded to try and contact venidress via the email on the receipt with the invoice number provided by paypal. No answer. I emailed them various times and no answers. I then messaged them on IG and FB and no answer. I called my bank and told them to stop the transaction,as I believed it was scam. Finally 2 weeks later I get a response on FB saying the package had been sent that day and giving me a tracking number. When the package arrived the big surprise came. The clothing were a homemade, poor version of the clothing on the pictures, made with cheap materials.

I am reading online that they also disappear when you try to reach them for a refund, even though their website ensures refunds and returns within 30 days.

Erika –

Total money lost $44

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought a dress through Venidress on instagram, I usually doubt when they just have one payment form, but after checking the reviews, I decided to do it. I got an email with the confirmation but never shipment info I was checking frequently and nothing. On Friday someone call me from the States but I didn’t answer the call, they send me two texts asking me why I stopped the wire a phone number and I assuming a fake name. I was a bit confused because the only transaction that I got done was for Venidress and those text weren’t any close to be polite. I went throug my emails and the email confirmation just disappeared. Totally a scam now I’m not worry about the money that I lost, I’m worry about my information and what they can do with that.

Shane –

Victim Location 07928

Total money lost $103.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I used PayPal to pay for They charged me $152.62 for 5 dresses. When the shipment came, it came from China, with a packing slip in Chinese with no return or slip in English. The product has been advertised on Instagram and Facebook with a 30 day return policy (given I pay for shipping back). I went to the site to request a return and she asked me to take photos of the product I was returning, which I did. I was planning on sending 3 back as the quality is ridiculously poor (I am keeping the other 2 as beach coverups since they are cheap, thin & see-through). The printed dresses are made out of some stretchy-cheap material and very poorly sewed. At any rate, she told me she would only refund me $5 for 3 dresses and I would have to pay shipping but she requested I resell the product instead!!! I have asked for the return address at least 5 times and they won’t provide it. This seems like a scam, and the quality is very poor, worth maybe a few dollars per dress (I’d be happier with something from ***!). I’m getting upset with the back and forth and in her last message she’s saying she has to deduct "custom fees". I want to receive a full refund for the 3 dresses I plan on sending back IF she ever gives me the address (which she has yet to send to me), and I’ll pay for the cost to ship them back. DO NOT BUY FROM VENIDRESS! Bad quality, clearly don’t accept returns, and horrible service! Big scam!

Sheena –

Victim Location 27518

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was targeted by this company on instagram. I purchased a dress from them and paid via PayPal. I never received the dress and never received a shipment notification. I emailed the company and received no response. I went on their Instagram account and saw many people were posting – asking where their orders were. The company has a canned response about how they can’t track shipments on instagram, but they give a URL to track using your email address and order number. The problem is there is no order number from the company and they won’t give you one if you ask. Basically, they just take your money. I have filed a dispute through PayPal to get my money back. Also, if you complain on Instagram and start telling people it’s a scam, they erase your comments and block you.

Valerie –

Victim Location 02149

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This kept coming up as a sponsored advertisement on Instagram so I too thought it was safe. I made the purchase via PayPal (thankfully, I will be disputing it now) and never received any confirmation email. When I looked at the paypal receipt, the business email address was "[email protected]" which instantly was a red flag. I wanted to see who the seller was listed as on Paypal and it’s a completely different dress company. I emailed their customer support, no success, they also list a crazy long and bogus phone number that doesn’t work. Do not waste time buying from them, it is a hoax. They delete all the bad reviews.

Kathleen –

Victim Location 30338

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This business was a sponsored add on instagram, I thought that made it safe, and I’ve purchased other items from other retailers this way so I purchased some items. It was pay by PayPal which I thought was weird, but again I’ve seen this a few times before so I did it. When I got a PayPal payment confirmation but no email (like order number or order confirmation) or response from the seller red flags started going off. I waited a few days and still no order number. I contacted them multiple ways and got no response. I did some research and found tons of reviews saying the same thing, but it looks like Venidress deletes them so they are hard to find. This is a scam business, do not order from them.

Haley –

Victim Location 35243

Total money lost $103.31

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I obviously purchased something from this company that isn’t a real company. They are still advertising a lot on Instagram and Facebook. They show no address or a phone number that works. I have seen where others have also had the same bad experience. I reached out many many times to no response. I did however contact PayPal and am hoping for a refund.

I do not how this company is still in operation.

Thank you

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