Venus grant

Maggie – Aug 18, 2020

Victim Location 33702

Type of a scam Government Grant

This person stole images and created a fake profile using the name of one of my personal friends. Her name is Miranda Smith Auman, of NC. I spoke to Miranda and she said several others made her aware of it too.

When the fake account (@miranda_smkth_auman_) reached out, I knew it was fake. The person did not seem like my personal friend at all. I probed deeper and they offered me a grant of $70,000 cash if I called the number above to claim it from the agent. When I insisted I didn’t have the ability to call or text, they said I could email Sharon, the agent, at the email above. Admittedly I trolled a little and asked for them to send ME money. The person replied with a picture of money and promoted to hand deliver the $70,000 if I called. I didn’t want MY images stolen so I advised them I had been in contact t with the FBI and to stop stealing peoples information and images for scamming. I blocked and reported the account. I then locked my profile down to prevent any stealing of my photos.

I have a couple of screenshots I can share if needed but these guys move fast and probably are already on to the next fake account.

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