Bryan –

Victim Location 04274

Type of a scam Employment

I received a call to verify my employment at my place of work. They first said my Maiden name then said maybe "my married name". They wanted my date of birth also but only said my month and day no year. Not once did they say who they were, no name of who I was talking to. I had to ask what this was for and they said they are an employment verification company called Verifacts. Why are they verifying my employment and for who? They didn’t say. When I looked up Verifacts online, the number I received a call from is not the same listed on the website and the phone number search came up as unsafe.

Jorge –

Victim Location 48035

Type of a scam Employment

Had a call from Verifacts today wanting to verify employment from me and did not disclose who or why she would need the information. I have not applied for any jobs and when your verifying employment you do not ask for the person. Do not call my place of employment. And if it’s a debt collector then maybe you should be a little smarter and not get the person in trouble by calling them at work. They could lose their job and never be able to pay!

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