Verification Department at PECO

Henry –

Victim Location 19121

Type of a scam Utility

A woman named Stacy in a reflective vest came with a shady looking hang badge saying she was a person from PECO. She said we had been overcharged since March (we’ve only been living there since August) and she was here to rectify the situation. She said our previous tenants had until March to make sure our rates weren’t increased, and she was here to give me a code for my online account to get my old rate back. She tried to get me to show her the electric bill for the apartment, even though I refused to show her anything. I asked for a business card, and she said she was out. She would not give me her last name. I asked for information to call her supervisor, and none was provided. We have no received any correspondence from PECO. I’m not even sure how she got into my building, as we are on the top floor and didn’t buzz her in. I answered assuming it was the maintenance guy. We’ve had a lot of energy scammers in the area previously.

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