verify yahoo, google

Julian –

Victim Location 72756

Type of a scam Phishing

called trying to verify my business information for yahoo, google & something else(can’t remember). Asked if I was owner of (______my business name)? then read my phone # & asked if that was correct. Then had more questions but I told him I do not answer questions – sorry – He was persistent that he was only trying to verify information. I hung up. Since he called me on my cell # (479 area code) from a 321 area code. I called back that # from my land line. Got the same guys voice mail-very non descript/generic voice mail. I did not leave a message-just hung up. A couple minutes later, he called back my land line but caller ID said it was coming from a 479 area code w/the rest of the # being the same as the 321 area code. He said he missed a call from this # – I asked who’s calling – he said he didn’t know. I said "you don’t know who you are"? He said yes but he didn’t know who was calling him. I told him I had misdialed someone earlier, so maybe that was the call – sorry & hung up.

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