Vernon Jun

Katrina –

Victim Location 20854

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Here is email received. Claims to have compromising information that will be sent to my contacts:

Hi there.

I hope u do not mind my english language sentence structure, since i’m from Denmark. I contaminated your machine with a virus and now have all your private information out of your os.

It previously was mounted on an adult web page then you’ve selected the video clip and it, my application instantly gain access to your system.

Then simply, your web-camera recorded you flying solo, besides i captured a movie that you’ve looked at.

After a little while in addition, it picked up all of your social contacts. If you happen to want me to wipe out your everything i have – transmit me 800 dollars in bitcoin it’s a crypto-currency. It’s my wallet number : 1D39yVqYg1pADYHiJJTLRwPrtmD7m3S1FL

Now you have 22hrs. to make up your mind As soon as i will get the deal i’m going wipe out this evidence and everything completely. In any other case, you should be certain that the evidence is going to be sent to your buddies.

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