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Ramon – Apr 09, 2020

Victim Location 28579

Total money lost $75

Type of a scam Identity Theft

The Vessel Documentation Portal which also goes by Vessel Documentation Online LLC solicited me through the mail with a deceptive letter originating from Delaware that gives the impression that it is an official letter from he USCG or USCG affiliated organization authorized to process vessel documentation information. It then directs you online to where the website again gives the impression it is affiliated with the USCG by showing official looking seals and a prominent picture of a USCG vessel. The fees are not disclosed, only a price for documentation renewal like you would expect from the USCG. Only the price is much higher than USCG documentation fees. I dont believe they actually provide any service. They will refuse any refunds. They also have a scammer generic telephone number. Their terms and conditions state "However, any claim that may be alleged within the jurisdiction of Vessel Documentation Online, LLC’s Small Claims Courts of Nevada."

These are scammers, if you receive a solicitation from them you should report it to the FTC.

Kristi –

Victim Location 10017

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received my USCG vessel documentation renewal in the mail from ‘Vessel Documentation Portal’ with a seal that looks almost exactly like the USCG seal on it and said the annual renewal fee was $75.

Then a few days later received the actual USCG vessel documentation renewal form from the Department of Homeland Security with a fee of $26.

I called the USCG and they said that ‘Vessel Documentation Portal’ is a company offering to ‘process’ on your behalf. Yet it is simply providing me with a different website requesting the exact same information as the USCG! There is no additional ‘processing’ and they are charging an extra $50! I contacted them via phone, only went to vm and no response! They should not be permitted to do this – this practice should be illegal. They should also be sited for appearing to present themselves as the USCG.

Warning to all!

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