VF Corporation – Impostor

Kristin –

Victim Location 19128

Type of a scam Employment

There was a job listing on Glassdoor, for a Receptionist/Assistant Administrator for VF Corporation. I was told by "Frank Scott" to email/send an invitation to "Matthew J. Shattock" to receive further information about the job. Once I emailed "Matthew Shattock", I noticed numerous grammar mistakes and was told that I was going to be sent in the mail a Macbook Pro and numerous office supplies (i.e. desk and shelves). I was then told that I would receive a check in the mail, which I would then have to send to another business. I then asked if this was a scam, and was told it wasn’t. "Matthew J. Shattock" then called me on my phone and refused to connect me to his supervisor because he had a heavy accent. I then hung up and this person blocked me from further messaging him on Google Hangouts. I tried contacting VF Corporation and got nowhere. I left a message with their operator, and have yet to hear anything from them. Also, both email addresses from these two people spelled "corporation" wrong – they spelled it like this "coperation".

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