Troy –

Victim Location 98831

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Supposed to be collections company contacting my father and mother-in-law without any actual debt acquired. Asked numerous off times for the account number and total off money owed or the address to the business and merchant number#, none of these have been provided. they keep referencing that my father-in-law needs to accept a ups package and sign the documents and receive the goods for a medical treatment if this is not done he will go to jail and once he receives the package he is to pay the ups driver with a money order valued at 700.00 originally this was 1400.00 and now once I had gotten ahold of this such person she reduced it to 600.00. I ask if they would take credit or bank account payments and of course they don’t. so I have threatened to report them to the BBB and flag their numbers.

My father in law is older and doesn’t speak English and is very vulnerable so he was very spooked and frighten actually wanted to pay the so-called debt.

a Spanish company doesn’t speak English.

SANDRA -service clerk


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