Viacom International Media Networks

Corey –

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Employment

The scammer first had a "recruiter" reach out to me on LinkedIn, with a complete profile that matched the VIACOM website. He provided me very specific details about the job offer in a very professional manner, stating Viacom was attempting to start a new programme, that aimed at hiring employees through international and online networks, due to the increasing advancements and use of technology and asked for an email to use for the primary contact. I have found employment through recruiters before on Linkedin with very respectable companies so this did not raise any red flags – especially considering they provided me with the website, and all contact details – except for phone contact, but did include a skype account – VIACOMRecruits. I reviewed a significant amount of information online, which made me reassured with this company as being legitimate, what I did not think of was that current OR past employees, as well as, scammers who have never worked with the company, could possibly steal all this information AND MORE – to legitimize their scam.

Whitney was the main form of contact through email and asked me almost 20 or more questions over the course of a week to see if I would be a suitable candidate. All questions were normal and professional some which were personal, but would be asked by any employer.., as were the communications generally throughout the week. Whitney also uses a signature and a profile picture all correlated to the website and the company logo and even provided a LEGITIMATE CONTRACT WITH VIACOM HEAD OF OPERATIONS SIGNATURE AND LOGO. Along the way, Whitney asked if I would be available for a Skype interview and, as someone who has done several of these for international companies, no flags were raised. Whitney was also able to answer all my questions regarding the company, hiring standards and policy, which makes me assume the individual is a CURRENT OR FORMER EMPLOYEE. However, when the day came, she was "experiencing computer issues" and could only facilitate a Google Hangouts, which started to raise some suspicions, but because of how the course of the whole interaction has gone, I did facilitate this conversation in which she offered the job of being an Online Administrative Assistant for either a full-time or part-time position, and requested I submit the contract by 6 pm UK time to be processed, as well as some ID’s to verify my identity. I submitted the contract as well as the form provided by my bank for direct deposit. With this, they have stolen money from me, opened accounts on behalf of myself and more than likely shared information to other parties – I have closed all accounts associated with the contact and have reached out to the city police who informed someone in the government.

Whitney has either blocked me on all accounts and so has the recruiter, or both have deleted their accounts. I have attempted to contact VIACOM’s legitimate business and they have not responded to any forms of communication between their social media accounts, emails and have even reached out to specific offices located in North America and the UK.

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