Sergio –

Victim Location 07039

Type of a scam Other

I was installing Microsoft office and an error message came up with a phone number to call. I called the number because I believe it was true and I was connected to a so-called Microsoft technician who said I needed to get assistance from a network gateway technician to fix my problem and install Microsoft and get rid of any third party intruders. After being on the phone for over 3 hours, they claimed to have fixed my computer and installed some type of software to keep me safe from third party intruders. Then I had to pay 249.99 by Tuesday. I had to send them a money order or cashiers check. I googled the business because I was curious about this because I really didn’t understand what they had done and saw this information about it being a scam. I will not be paying them as they are scammers! They need to be arrested for this. Please report these people!!!

Melinda –

Victim Location 66007

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This is a scam

Said had a virus on my computer

Need to fix now

Said that they were from Microsoft

They take control of computer to remove viruses

Then ask for payment after repairs

They want you to pay by money order or casher check

Candice –

Victim Location 61801

Total money lost $279.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a message on my computer that I had been infected by a virus they claimed to be Microsoft and said they could fix it but they needed access to my computer Like an [censored] I did it and they took one hour to go into my computer to fix a problem I found out later I didn’t have I sent them a check through Fed X that They set up for $279.99. I stopped payment on that check today so hopefully I will not loose anything I am a senior citizen and can not afford to do this sort of thing please warn everyone about this scam. thank you

Christine –

Victim Location 49445

Type of a scam Tech Support

Company Name;

Viande LLC

3524 Silverside Road Suite 35 B

Wilmington, DE 19810-4929


I had a message come up on my computer. It stated it was from Microsoft/Comcast.

I dialed the 1-888-779-2189 for tech. support.

After talking to 4 people all from India, the problem was solved. Now, I need to said money to the company. Note credit or debit, but a check. The also ask for my check number.

Didn’t give them any credit card # or my check number.

Is this company for real? Have not paid any money at all. Please send me an answer ASAP.

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