VIAZ Insurance

Virginia –

Victim Location 39507

Type of a scam Employment

I’m glad that you are interested. Please carefully read this email, as it answers most of frequently asked questions.

Training lasts one month, and takes place at home, in this period of time you will learn work, and get paid for the job done. Communication is done via email and phone. I will provide you with the support and training required to succeed in this job. After one month you will start working without assistance.

A paycheck is mailed one month after the commencement date. First completed task will commence your 30 day pay period/probation period. $3200 plus $30 for every completed case. The inspectors contractors paid via 1099 with no taxes taken out. Work days\hours Monday to Friday; 8am to 5pm, you are required to be home and available during these time frames. This job can be done part-time or full-time (after you complete the training).

As I mentioned in my previous email one of the key duties will be checking the integrity of the goods returned to the store for its further realization. When the package is delivered to you, you need to check the integrity of the items, examine an original packaging to see if it has been opened or damaged. Electronics does not require verification of its functionality only verification of its factory packaging. Then you have to send me brief report on the item’s condition. In order to ship verified item for further realization you will be given a digital document which is a pre-paid shipping label its postage is paid by the customer. You’ll need to print the label and put it on a package in order to ship it.

We work in all areas of insurance industry, support fraud investigators, insure the goods and protect shops from fraudsters. We don’t just insure, we intercept illegally purchased goods that were bought using stolen credit cards. We monitor and analyze every purchase as soon as it is made. As soon as our experts see something shady we intercept the package. And pay insurance to shops. We also sign a continuous service agreement with the stores and make profit irrespective of the number of insurance cases. And since we buy intercepted goods for the price of second-hand goods (but it is actually brand new) we managed to set up channels of distribution overseas.

That is why the goods are collected in our warehouses for further export or redistribution within country to auctions or for sale. We also work together with different postal services and we get a discounted price on shipping labels for transportation of the goods to and from our agents. As a whole it all allows us to develop the network of agents and pay high wages.

There is no cost to start. You will need common office supplies like scissors, duct tape, paper and ink for the printer as you can see nothing extraordinary. In order to ship verified goods for further realization you will be given a digital document which is a pre-paid shipping label its postage is paid by the company. You’ll need to print the label and put it on a package in order to forward it. You can use a transparent duct tape to affix the label to the package, you can also use a special peel-n-stick paper that you can print the label on.

We reimburse all reasonable expenses related to this job

Feel free to email all of your questions, I’ll answer it as soon as I can. Remember there are other candidates this is why I can’t reply immediately.

If you don’t have any questions and want to begin, simply e-mail back to me and put the subject line: "Ready to begin!" and I will forward you the paperwork to review and additional detail on this job.

When your questions answered and papers signed we will be ready to start. To avoid confusion please use only this e-mail address for communication.

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