Vibrant Body

Nicolas –

Victim Location 95661

Type of a scam Other

In November I was doing a web search looking for some UGGS for my daughter, I came across a website that had them for a too good to be true price. After several attempts to run my credit card information without success, I started looking into the company and after my research I realized this was not a legit business, long story short, I ordered from a different website. Fast forward to today, I was cleaning up my inbox when I came across an email from a company that i did not recognize and in the subject was order information and an order number, I do not do a whole lot of internet shopping so I knew instantly that I did not order anything. I went on to find two more emails, one indicating the order and the other cancelling the order. Now the reason I mentioned the other incident in November is I believe there might be a connection between the two companies, even though Vibrant Body was indicating that the bra was free after coupon redemption , the price before was the same amount of the item I tried to purchase in November. Before discovering these three emails I had never heard of this company. I was not taken for any money, possibly because I use throw away credit cards for this very reason but if I can stop them from possibly taking from someone else that would be great.

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