Vibrant Money (VW Hosting Service)

Kristin –

Victim Location 53219

Total money lost $10

Type of a scam Employment

wmst, vibrant money vibrant webhosting. states that you can try this ground breaking software for free, then says oh but wait theres a small fee to background check you. but you can try for 60 days free. Then the download is just the website with a subdomain. They tell you a consultant will call you to help. I had to call myself since once you get the subdomain, there is a message about a 5 day trial and then 29.95 a month. I got the consultant who basically blew me off as soon as he realized I had no credit cards and no more money to invest. the subdomain person could not help me at all. He was not familiar with the screen i had on the subdomain nor could he tell me how to set up the site to start marketing. I cancelled and was informed my 9.95 was the set up fee for the bogus website. so one day cost me $10 bucks. A total scam. They do nothing more than any other web host. There is no genie in a bottle. No secret. nothing special at all. Warn everyone about this rip off company.

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