Victims of Crime-Fraud Prevention Unit

Frederick –

Victim Location 33177

Total money lost $20,000

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a phone call yesterday (11/21/19) from 786-245-5611. They left a message stating that my identity had been compromised. They stated they were "Victims of Crime-Fraud Prevention Unit" and gave me a case number AC1039575. I called the number back to make sure it was legitimate. I even looked them up on line and there was a name similar to a .gov address. When I called back, Officer Richard Gomez Badge #189411 confirmed my full social security number, my address and even my father’s name. They stated that I was connected with an incident that happened 6 days ago in Texas. There was a car found with blood and drugs and that the car was registered under my name. They explained that this was a case of drug trafficking, money laundering, illegal distribution and the banks accounts being used were under my name and social security. They stated that I had an arrest warrant out for me. My accounts would be frozen, my license suspended if I did not cooperate since it was a federal investigation. In order to clear my name, I needed to cooperate with the agencies involved in this case, FBI, CIA, US Marshals. They explained that I would need to get a new social security number and new accounts and identification. In order to do this, I needed to clear my assets and they had me put them in gift cards from different stores. When I questioned the gift cards, they explained how they are working with the Federal Trade Commission and that they use major stores like Macy’s, Sam’s Club and Target to get Non-Monetary Value cards and convert them to money. They said that I needed to leave my job immediately because it was time sensitive in order to file all my paperwork and clear my name before the end of the day. They said that everything was being recorded to be used in my favor, so I could not hang up the phone. They asked me to send them a picture of all the gift cards. I asked several times if this was not a scam. They kept saying, "Are you questioning the federal government, ma’am? Remember you are being recorded and anything you say can be used against you." I was scared and since they had ALL my information, I was gullible and trusted their word.

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