Deborah – Mar 10, 2020

Total money lost $9,000

Type of a scam Romance

CAFC Report

This concerns the operation of at least 21 international dating sites that allow for written communication with women from around the world, with most being from Ukraine. The site I was using was (VB), but there are 20 more that are associated with the parent company

These sites advertise and guarantee that you communicate directly with female members, and charge a fee by the minute to do so. I have come to learn through an investigation of my own however, that although the ladies are real people, the relationships you develop in communication with them are fake, as the conversations you have are with various "chat center employees" around the world. You are never actually conversing with the lady in the profile. This is misrepresentation and it is never disclosed that this is the case.

I have found many of these female members using social media search engines, and have verified that they do not know me, despite spending many hours in conversation with them on this VB website. I have also been in communication with an employee in one of these chat centers, acting as a mole for information on these activities, that disclosed an elaborate system of deception to defraud male members of the website communities of millions of dollars in fees. I have been charged almost $9.000 CAD since August of 2017 to date in the process of discovering this fraud and there are thousands of customers who have been charged greater sums. I know of one gentleman that has spent over $100,000 US on this site and it’s sister sites before he realized none of his relationships were real.

The informant works in a chat center in Mumbia India, and has given me credentials to log on to their global internet system at https:\\, from which they carry on their masquerading as legitimate female members of the websites. The informant is male and had previously worked as one of these impersonators for the parent agency, Other chat centers exist in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine, and many other locations around the globe.

I have many screenshots and other documents to support all this. I have also registerd complaints with the customer support staff, and my informant has forwared me a copy of a long message from the Irens agency to their chat center employees globaly, warning that I am very dangerous, to never communicate with me, and threatening my person physical harm should we ever meet. When I confronted one of the fake profile ladies in a message about her existence outside of the website on social media platforms, the response was a message from this Irens Agency demanding 2500 Ukrainian Grevna (UAH, -currency) a day for the honor of talking to this person. I declined the extortion demand.

The VB website has over 22,000 female members and proudly proclaims that all are "verfied" as real and wanting to communicate for the purposed of romance, relationship, and marriage. The reality is, very few are actual real people, some are fabricated from publically available information harversted from social media pages, but the majority are women that are paid a profit percentage commission by the Irens agency to be used as "models", all within the framework of a personal services contract. The ladies are exploited with threats of fines and physical harm should they allow any contact with their suitors apart from the various websites. Many use this as a source of income, allowing their digital identity to be used by the Irens agency for profit. The men that pay the membership fees however, are totally unaware of this and think they are entering into an international romance with the hope it will end in marriage and immigration. Until recently, I was one of these such men.

I have recently moved to Kiev, Ukraine, to try and investigate this further. I have found that there are thousands of "dating agencies" here that think it perfectly legitimate to carry on their masquerading and impersonation. I have found many advertisements here for "chat operators" to try and seduce "stupid North American mean", as one called us, into spending thousands on these websites.

Everyone here in Kiev, knows this goes on, but no one in North America seems to believe me. I have filed reports with CAFC, FTC, my local police, and contacted media, but there is little interest. I have documents that indicate the money defrauded in this way amounts to over $100 MILLION A MONTH US for the alliance alone, and there are many others. No one seems to want to do anything about it. I have started a facebook group to try and gather those of us that have had experiences like mine and it continues to grow. All wonder what can be done.

I am willing to share all documents and data I have collected over the last two years in my dealings with, and the data given to me by the informant that works within their organization. It is a large amount of data and cannot possibly be attached here. Please feel free to contact me for further details.

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