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Victim Location 75007

Type of a scam Employment

I checked No, in the section of "did the victim actually lose money because I am in dispute with my credit card company to get it back after finding out that the business is EVERYTHING THEY SAID IT WASN’T !!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!! I am losing money paying interest on my card until I get my money back. They are making Interest on my money until I get it back.

I have been in housecleaning business of my own for over 10 years and good and bad clients. Decided I would get on line and see if I could find a legitimate company. Clicked a Google Link, Work from home , 400.00 a day. The link takes you to a Video. 7 min. long, then 22 minutes .

False claims, $400.00 a day, $12,000 a month. Posting Links. YOU DON’T KNOW THEY ARE LYING UNTIL YOU GET IN IT. No previous experience needed, no special skills, anyone can do it. NO SELLING, SO HASSLE. Posting Ad Links. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT GETTING PAID BECAUSE YOU ARE WORKING FOR REPUTABLE COMPANIES AND THEY PAY EVERY WEEK. NOW!!!! the truth is ,, You pay this company to teach you how to get on Ebay to SELL !!!!! IT IS ONLY SELLING. No Company hires you or pays you.

There are Bulk Buyers on Ebay and the competition is much. The Narrator says, each link posted will pay you about $15.00 sometimes more sometimes less. Said If you post 10 links you have just made $150.00… Really ??? Where is it ??? NO !!! If someone goes on Ebay and buys all those 10 products then you will make the money. NOT $400.00 a day. The charge is $97.00 and He says anyone can do it , cookie cutter simple. A HUGE LIBRARY OF VIDEOS. Says we will not ask you for anymore money. He proceeds to say most internet business can cost upwards of $5000.00 and take months and years to become Profitable and take a lot of time to Build. At the check-out if you wait they discount it. Then if you swing the cursor it is discounted to a $47.00. After that a pop up comes up WITH A HUGE CHANGE IN PLANS !!! NOW HE STARTS TELLING YOU THAT, MOST PEOPLE CAN NOT SUCCEED ON THEIR OWN AND NEED A MENTOR. $$$$$. A pop up for 2 more payments. Then a pop up , Call your Specialist Now. Then they ask for all your Credit Cards, Savings, 401s , retirement, and start applying for 0% Credit Cards and you are not even told WHY at this point. They are moving it quickly. THE CARDS ARE TO PUT THE PRICE OF THE PROGRAM ON !!!!! If you have any room left on them it is to BUY THE PRODUCT YOU SOLD TO SOMEONE TO HAVE IT SENT TO THEM AND YOU GET REIMBURSED AFTER IT IS DELIVERED TO THE BUYER. ***IF THAT IS NOT SELLING,,, NOTHING IS*** A scam.. ON THE $97.00 program reduced to $47.00 you are suppose to make $400.00 a day. Then they get you on the $10,997.00 for a Mentor and Coaching. ***ARE YOU CONFUSED YET????*** When it was all done and I was put on the phone with a manager the price was $10,997.00 . In more than 3 months I cleared $35.00. After just being in the program for a few days I knew with my debt it was not going to work. They refused to break the contract that was made through LIES, and told my credit card people and they sided with them because I didn’t know I had to have documentation proof sent to my Credit Card in my defense. NOW IN THE SECOND DISPUTE. I was threatened for payments by a rep. in their 3rd party billing company, when I had made no sales. He said, you buy other things. OMG. I am bringing in $400.00 sometimes $500.00 a month. I have been homeless for 5 years, living out of my Van and showering at the gym. Now staying with a relative. THESE PEOPLE KNOW ALL OF THIS. Then, after 6 weeks the Coach asked me for $2000.00 to build my website. I said, I can not do that. I didn’t have money when I started. His reply was, while OK , you can go to the videos to learn and email me or call the hotline if you have a problem. THE NEXT WEEK HE ASKED ME FOR $2000.00 again. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. I said , I don’t have it. He said, they could do something for $500.00. I didn’t even comprehend what he said. IT WAS A REAL LOOSER. When I got the threat from the UAS rep. I said , I am through. To answer the question, I have lost money , almost 4 months worth of Hassel and Lies and working on getting my money back. That is losing money.

The first URL is the 7 minute video, introduction. The second one is the 22 minute.

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