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Type of a scam Employment


We appreciate your interest in Viewfort Developments Inc. and

acknowledge you fit the Asset Manager (Invest) position. My name is

James Brook, I am a senior HR manager and so I will be your personal

manager. I will be your personal manager. I will teach you during your

trial period. I have a lot of experience. I have been working in this

company for many years.

Please read carefully:

– It is home based job. You will work from your home. Using your

smartphone or laptop.

– Full time: $1450 weekly, part time: $700 weekly.

Your responsibility will be to:

– Contact the client;

– Obtain an order from the client;

– Analyze the order;

– Find the most successful way of delivery;

– Inform the customer of the order price.

1. Complete and sign the Employment Agreement.

If you find our work interesting and ready to take the next step when

processing the work you need to carefully go through attached

documentation. Attached to this post Employment agreement and job

description. Read this document. Fill it out carefully and send it to

my email address. You must fill in all the necessary information that

is requested in Agreement. Be very careful to avoid mistakes or

mislead information.

2. Interview

You will receive a call from our call center manager as soon as I get

a fully completed and signed employment contract from you. Up until

this point you cannot have an interview. Before signing contract, all

questions or discussions are held by email address.

If you are in Canada, we will be waiting for completed and signed

Employment Agreement. As long as your information is confirmed, we

will treat you as Candidate for Asset Manager (Invest) position. We

sincerely hope that you will join our team and an integral part of of

this. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I will answer

immediately. Thank you.


HR Manager

James Brook

Phone: +1 (647) 699-3194


Viewfort Developments Inc.

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