Vilorra – Hunter Fulfillment Services

Lindsay –

Victim Location 76542

Type of a scam Employment

June 14, 2009

“I received an email with a job opportunity to work from home, offering a great salary and great benefits. It seemed too good to be true, so I went online to check into the company and check out their websites, and boy was it sophisticated. That made me trust the offer, the other thing that made me feel secure was the employment contract, it was sent thru DocuSign, and it was 12 pages long. I read it and did not include anything that was not already disclosed. So I electronically signed it, and waited to start working. I was told I would receive packages; I was to inspect the merchandise, upload photos and wait for new shipping orders from them.

I still wasn’t sure what the company did so I tried to do some more research. I found 0 results in Google and Facebook and LinkedIn. The only thing I found was their website. I kept asking myself, why would a company need a middle man to ship items when it could just be shipped directly to the receiver? When the packages started to arrive, I thought maybe this may be legit.

So I have been working for them for over a month and a half now, waiting to receive my first pay check and it has been 17 business day, and they told me it would be 7. I can’t get anyone one the phone, no one will answer my emails, and the work website is suddenly under maintenance and I can no longer log in. Everyone kept asking me do you think it’s a scam, and I never thought it was. Now that I have been sitting here waiting to be paid, I began to search deeper for more information and found a message from an employee just like me that stated this is a scam. He , what they actually do is ship stolen merchandise and use your address. That way, when everything is uncovered, you’re the one to blame.

I’m devastated. I still have packages that I received that were never shipped out, as I never received new shipping orders, and I don’t know what to do. They have my name, address, email information, cell phone number etc. I can tell you that I kept every initial shipping label and the new label sent by them.

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