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Type of a scam Phishing

I posted a vehicle for sale and I had a reply from Ed Moffit who is running a very slick scam. Here is what happened;

Ed Moffit (name scammer is using)


From scammer: I like this redacted from what I see on CL. Is there any rust on the body?

My reply: None. It’s always been garaged.

From scammer: I’m glad to know that. Are the transmission and suspension in good shape? Do you have history report for a bike?

Regards, Ed

My reply: Ed

The transmission and suspension are in good shape. I replaced the ourdrive a year ago. The suspension is in good shape. I also had the gas tank level sending unit replaced several years ago. To answer your question, I dont have paper for everytime my bike went to the shop.

Redacted has done all of my maintenance. He is a certified redacted mechanic. I am the second owner. The 1st owner used redacted Seattle for all of his maintenance. I also used redacted of Seattle when I first purchased the bike but stopped when I found Redacted just a mile from my home (he also takes care of redacted).

Thanks for honest and detailed answer, I am really gratefull. However, I would appreciate if you can pull VIN report from .They’re cheaper than carfax, and you know how it is, every cent you save counts. I don’t want to generate it myself because if it’s bad then I’ll just lose my money, but you can still show it to another customer. If everything is okay with the history report, I would like to proceed with the deal and you can add cost of report to the bike price.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Ed

The aforementioned website redirects your browser to

Discovered this is a scam.

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