Vincero Inc.

Kelli –

Victim Location 78258

Type of a scam Employment

Vincero Inc. is a company that offers unbelievable results to their employees that sounds too good to be true. I Applied to Vincero because I thought it was a joke but Raven grey at vincero emailed me several times trying to get me to come in to their office. That is how it starts, they build themselves up on their pride that if you come in to their office that you will work for them. A typical company does not hound down their applicants to get them to work for them, Vincero does. Vincero is listed on multiple websites such as here:

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or here:

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as a dishonest company. What they do is lie to people to sell them "too good to be true deals" that are misleading and they do the same to their employees. If you check glass door, all of the good posts are evidently made by their staff because their are just too few. They hire people, get them to work dishonestly for them and then they underpay/ don’t pay them. Raven Grey is their supposed HR specialist but if you look her up you will find that she also worked for (or still does) Ocean Direct Marketing; another scam company that works the same business. They run their gig for a short period of time until people catch on to them and then they change locations and the cooperate name to start it again.

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