Glenn –

Victim Location 23693

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Got a call from the number above, they asked if my vehicle was still available, and I replied "Yes", then the call dropped.

They texted "Think my phone disconnected sorry… I saw your car listing, is it still available???"

I asked which car they are interested in.

They said: "Whats the price on your listing for 2008 bmw ? I need just a little more info before i setup a time to see in person"

I gave a price.

They replied "Would you please download a vin check from and sending it to me? Please email it to me at [email protected] – thanks. Also let me know when your available next few days!"

I said "All the information you need is provided on the ad"

They replied "Once I get a copy of the report from I can make a solid offer on the vehicle. Trying to make sure we both get a fair deal!!! Just lmk after you have sent it and we can setup an appointment!"

I was plenty suspicious by this point, so I did a quick google search of the site and found plenty of complaints, so I copied and pasted the link to one of them and sent it to them.

They replied "thanks look forward to a clean history 😉 ive had my eye on the 2008 bmw ready to buy i think!"

I told them that they may as well trash that number.

They replied "I will check my email later today when i get home! Thank you!!"

–End of story–

Not sure of what their intent is, but hopefully the number gets tracked or suspended, as well as the e-mail address.. Worthless people think of this kind of crap.

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