Dana –

Victim Location 30650

Total money lost $13

Type of a scam Other

I listed a truck for sale on my local (Athens, GA) CraigsList and was contacted by someone claiming a strong interest, but to ensure the truck wasn’t a lemon asked me to run a vehicle history report at a site he knew: and this led to: I asked for his e-mail address so I could e-mail the report once I had it and he gave me one: [email protected] Site charged $12.95 for a VIN history report, and required a credit card to pay for the report. I paid for the VIN history report, and did get a report link that had details on my vehicle and it allowed me to download the report in a pdf format, so I did get a report showing a clean bill of health with no negatives or problems reported. However, once I contacted the interested party to let him know I had the report, all interest suddenly ceased and he would not respond to follow-ups. I then went back and looked at his original text msg and saw it was from a phone with an area code (346) that didn’t match to any area code near me or even in use, but that was used by telemarketers in the Houston, TX area, according to information on the web. I suspect that he was either on commission to sell the report (at best) or possibly working with the VIN check site to gain access to my credit card information.

Mathew –

Victim Location 73084

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Per text or email:

"I saw your ad earlier for it (car) and I really like it…I’m ready to buy it. Do you have any kind of report run on its past?"

Please, will you grab this for me and then send it over….I’ve got to be completely sure it checks out ok. Once I check that out I plan to come over this week and buy it."

Scam happens when you enter your information on the link they sent you.

They refuse to answer a simple question about where they live.

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