Jasmine –

Victim Location 27526

Type of a scam Phishing

Ok… I ran an ad on Craigslist to sell a car. I received a text response as follows…

Scammer: I saw your car listing on Craigslist and wanted to ask a few questions

Me: Ok. Ask away. You can call if you like.

Scammer: I read the whole description but I didn’t see the price in it

Scammer: What’s the price on the 2001 chevy?

( I responded an hour or so later…)

Scammer: hey, don’t mean to bother but are you still here?

Me: Sorry… I was outside… forgot my phone… The price is right in the title line. (Suspicion level rising) I’m asking $3700 for but that’s negotiable and I’ll consider trades.

Scammer: Would you please pull a history report from Please mail that to me at [email protected]

(So, I check the VIN Check sight and they want money so…)

Me: Sorry, they charge for this… here’s the VIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You can run it yourself. If you buy the car I’ll reimburse you.

Scammer: Just lmk after you’ve pulled the report and we can make a time to meet up. (Suspicion level still rising)

Me: Sorry, but I’m not going to pay for this report. You’re welcome to run it yourself though.

Scammer: thanks look forward to seeing the report 😉 I’ve had my eye on the 2001 chevy I think I’m ready to buy it. (Totally suspicious now)

Me: WHAT? Can you not read what I have now said twice? I will not pay to run this report.

Scammer: I will check my email later today when I get home! thank you!!

So, In my opinion, was talking with some kind of "robot". I think a program was responding to my responses as best it could. I would guess that the scam was to sell me a bogus VIN report and/or just steal my credit card number outright.

I hope this info helps someone else. It’s an easy scam to be suckered into.

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