Vinnie Siebuhr Lee

Rodney –

Victim Location 96813

Type of a scam Government Grant

LinkedIn messages from Vinnie Siebuhr Lee with a copy of JP Morgan Chase Check of $250,000 with instructions to wire money ($500 processing fee) to Robert Gaston in Cleveland Ohio.  The text in part says "We have you on the list of Tax and health service list as one of who will be receiving money for family support and help the Deaf, Hearing, Poor, Blind, Disables, Retired workers in the community and those that pay Tax regular to give their Family Support from Tax and Health Service under Internal Revenue Service. United States…"

I also received messenger messages from an account that appears to belong to Tom, the acquaintance from my church I no longer see, indicating that he did indeed receive $250,000. I don’t think it is really that person.

I went back and forth messaging both with Vinnie and Tom asking about the offer. At the end, I asked for the names and phone numbers of 10 real people who received $250,000, so I can call them to do my due diligence, and I stopped hearing back from them. 

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