VIP Credit Repair LLC.

Anthony –

Victim Location 06401

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I first seen VIP Credit Repair LLC in a group on Facebook the posts are very misleading and the pictures are enticing for people with bad credit. I reached out to a representative on Facebook via messenger and was offered several different plans. I should have been skeptical because they required payment up front before ANY SERVICES were performed. I signed up with the company in November they recommended that I use Identity Iq credit monitoring so they could keep track of my reports however it was only recommended. I paid for the trial with Identity IQ and it expired about 7 days later. At that time I noticed there was a fraud alert placed on my credit reports by VIP Credit Repair LLC with a phone number that did not belong to me. At this point I reached out to the VIP Credit Repair LLC representative who signed me up and asked her about the phone number she told me she would find out. I never recieved a response so I reached back out to her and was told to remove the number that the company was not familiar with the phone number either. At this point I was terrified of fraudulent activity so I reached out to VIP Credit Repair LLC customer support phone number and I spoke with a woman by the name of Dashay. She assured me that the phone number was from their company and that they give people other numbers for fraud alerts based off another company they work with. At that point I was extremely confused and definitely smelled fraud. On 12/12/2019 at precisely 5:04pm EST. I received a message from VIP Credit Repair stating that immediate action was required and I need to update my Identity Iq information in 48 hours or my account would be terminated. This left me even more puzzled because my disputes were just submitted in November and I still have not received any results or feedback regarding those. I contacted support immediately and told them my situation that I am an unemployed father of 4 and I could not afford to pay $29/month additional for credit monitoring services with Identity IQ which VIP Credit Repair LLC gets a percentage of revenue from. So I was told be manager Dashay that I had two choices pay for Identity IQ and send updated information or she would put everything disputed back on my report and send me to collections. This was very unprofessional and a threat that was unnecessary. I was successfully able to reconnect my Identity IQ account on 12/12/2019 the same day I received the email from VIP Credit Repair LLC. I then sent the new log in information to the support email that I had been corresponding with for nearly an hour. At this point I was told my account was terminated and that pretty much do what you have to do is what the support email stated. I was in total confusion because 48 hours had not passed as stated in the first email I received from VIP Credit Repair LLC. I contacted support on 12/13/2019 as well as the representative that signed me up with VIP Credit Repair LLC and gave both of them the Identity Iq login credentials needed. I sent several emails to confirm and never recieved any response. When I did get a response it stated that there was a block on my Identity IQ profile which was hindering VIP Credit Repair LLC from accessing my Identity Iq profile. I immediately contacted support at Identity Iq and was informed that there was in fact no such block and that the account and never been blocked. I successfully logged in twice while on the phone with the representative from Identity IQ. At this point I contacted VIP Credit Repair LLC directly and spoke with a woman by the name of Dashay she proceeded to tell me that my Identity IQ account was blocked and that I need to change my login credentials in order for VIP Credit Repair LLC to access my Identity Iq report. I became very leery because I had just accessed the Identity IQ account while on the phone with a representative. I reiterated several times to Dashay that the Identity Iq account was not blocked and she persisted to debate with me. I then contacted Identity Iq and reset my password and immediately contacted Dashay to provide VIP Credit Repair LLC with my new login credentials for Identity IQ. I called VIP Credit Repair LLC several times and when Dashay finally answered she immediately hung up once I informed her that I was on the phone with Identity IQ. I then contacted the VIP Credit Repair LLC representative that signed me up and also provided her with the new Identity Iq login credentials. The representative insisted that I contact support and that she had just spoken with the manager Dashay and quoted "I was good". At this point I attempted to login into the VIP Credit Repair LLC client portal and was given several error messages. I then became even more confused because I was just on the site. I attempted to login in from four different devices however to no avail. At this point I attempted to reset the password where I was given a message stating that no account exists with my email. This is very frustrating because I paid VIP Credit Repair LLC $49.99 to repair my credit and they did nothing for me. When I confronted them of there demands that I pay for Identity Iq my account was prematurely terminated and now I never recieved a refund. I requested a refund from Dashay and was told that services were performed and I would recieve no refund however nothing ever came off any of my credit reports. This company is definitely a scam and performing fraudulent credit disputes.

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