Misty –

Victim Location 40769

Type of a scam Phishing

Lisa Beth Law got in touch with me through Facebook and then through messenger. She told me about a job opening with the company she worked for called VIP DESK. She then had me to get in touch with her boss Jeffrey McPeterson recruiting officer through Google hangouts. He interviewed me and asked a lot of job related questions. He then went on to ask more personal ones. He told me I was qualified for the position and got some personal information to give to their secretary for future reference. I then got a funny feeling and called the vipdesk number I found online. They hadn’t even heard of him. So when I confronted him about it he persisted that he was for real and Lisa Beth Law blocked me on Facebook too. They are trying to run a illegal check printing service and get your hard earned money. Dont fall for it!!!

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