Virtrue Freight

Noah – Jul 30, 2020

Victim Location 08048

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is detailed and includes three days of being scammed. This was a two-part group of scammers. The initial contact was made by a FB page advertising puppies and dogs for sale. Communication starts on FB Messenger. They start off by showing concern for the type of family and home the puppy will go to. Then with a few questions answered you think this is legit. But let me add sometimes not all questions are answered. I had to ask several times for videos and pictures. But once you agree $750 for puppy and delivery, they move fast to get a deposit of $400 via PayPal (friends and family). That is a big mistake! The email sent for the transfer of ownership was not affiliated to the owner. Next the shipping company is supposed to send you information on shipping and delivery, but they ask you to either rent a temperature control crate for $750 or buy it out right for almost $1500. So, I argued that I did not know about this additional fee, but the email says that the fee is refundable. After paying, that you wait and wait, but no info until the wee night/morning and the shipper emails the puppy has landed safely but they could not get a direct flight and so they will update with the first flight out that day. You wait again then sometime during regular morning ours you get another email from the shippers stating that I have to pay $1880 for insurance for the pup to get on the next flight within 24 hours or the pup will be quarantined for 2 months and considered abandoned and you and seller would be report for pet abuse. After going back and forth the owner tells me to just pay it so I can get my pup. I refused and said I will only pay what I owe for the pup nothing more. The shippers get angry and don’t want to listen to you. Still trying to get the pup. I made an agreement to pay $350 while the owner paid the balance. At this point the owner pleads for me to go half then pay $500 and then $400. I say no and he says he will have to try to borrow the money and he admitted to not wanting to pay for accommodations to the shippers for the pup so it would not have be laid over without a direct flight and leave the following morning instead. Additionally, the puppy’s insurance had expired, and he chose not to tell me so that I would still agree to purchase the pup. I offered to pick up the pup from the first flight destination if they would give me their address where the pup was being held. They refused. I never got an updated email and the seller and shipper stopped communicating. The tracking number they provide links to their website. They use google phone numbers. When you ask a question, they want to call you back. Three PayPal payments with different emails and none of which include their businesses. So, $1500 later and I have no pup. I let down my family and took a big loss. The FB page is Puppies and Dogs for Sale and they work with Virtue Freights for shipping I spoke to several men from shipping and texted who I was led to believe owners daughter. When you ask questions, they become a little hostile. Bottom line they are still operating and looking for their next victim.

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