Virtual Hearing Solutions

Toni – Aug 23, 2020

Victim Location 95242

Total money lost $4,221

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

In my mothers case, Tyrone Moore goes into skilled nursing centers and targets elderly residents that don’t have much longer to live, and no money. He has a team that identifies residents that have hearing problems. The team gives them a hearing test, they recommend a hearing aide and then Mr Moore comes in for the kill. He gets them to apply for a loan to pay for the hearing aids. He guarantees they will not have to make any payments. He will make the payments, they will get their hearing aides, he gets reimbursed from Medi-Cal sooner rather than wait for six months. But don’t worry you will not pay anything out of pocket. He knows you only make $35 a month and the rest of your income is paid to the skilled nursing center where you reside. He hounds you, or your power of attorney person. My mom got the loan with payments of $185 from HCS who immediately approved her. He said this is a "workaround’ and he has a special business relationships for his clients with HCS. He gets the loan proceeds. Eventually he stops making the payments and you are now stuck for them and you owe well over $4,000 which he knew you could not pay. He never bills MEDI-cal and then he is gone. My mother was 90 with poor eye site and hearing in October 2019 when this happened. She was also not mobile.

It is my understanding at Vienna in Lodi, CA my mother was the target and others AS WELL who did not get their hearing aides. My mother did receive hers. I told Vienna they may want to check with their other patients to see if this has happened to them. He is also known as VBS HEALTHCARE, VBS, truecare24inc, 814 Mission St 6th FL, San Francisco, CA 94103, phone 628-333-2005 and in Fairfield.

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