Virtual Office Assistant

Edwin –

Victim Location 38114

Type of a scam Employment

This started June 14, 2019 is when I began to start to receive emails from this person by the name of Don Elliott ([email protected]). He offered me a Virtual Office Assistant position working from home making $400 per week a part-time position, working at least 5-7 hours per week, you have to respond to him only, He will also pay $30 for any extra hour you worked pass the 5-7 hour. My duties consist of normal Office Assistant work as usual but, Virtually tho. On today June 27, 2019 I received a check that was delivered to my home by UPS in the amount of $2884.61. I contacted the place of business the check suppose to have come from. Which was a church I spoke to Linda Baker who informed me that they have been having issues with fraudulent activity on there account. I then contacted the bank and gave them the routing# and account# on the check. The person I spoke to at the bank informed me that the account is legitimate but, the check is not. So, I went a little deeper in researching. I contacted UPS from where the check came from. I gave them all the information on the envelope and they gave me a company name of EMI Supply INC. I then contacted them and asked several of question. She informed me that they also have been having fraudulent activity with there establishment as well. Now, I’m no dummy as you can see. And, I’m reporting this because what if I was a person that was hard up for money and we know there are a lot of people like this. They don’t think about this in the long run. But, I want to be able to stop this person and any other that’s like him or her. At this point I don’t know who I’m dealing with. But, He don’t know he have run into his match. I do a lot of research anyway daily. So you’ve got to wake up really early to catch me slipping. Now, I know a lot of people don’t know but if someone send you a check with a large amount without doing any work. IT’S A SCAM, nobody pay’s you money without putting in work. It don’t work like that. Plus, if you deposit a check like that in your account if you don’t have any money you really want cause now they have access to your bank account and can clean you out. So, please be careful out there y’all cause people are thirsty for your money.

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