Visa Card

Teresa –

Victim Location 55419

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a fraudulent call today from 612-710-7062. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it was a local number right away. They represented themselves as "Visa Card’ and said they were calling to offer me a lower rate on my credit card. They asked if I had a Visa and if they first four numbers were XXXX. I said no so they kept running through several other credit card numbers but none of them matched my credit card. Until finally, they read off the first six numbers of my card and asked me to provide the last four for security purposes to verify I am the card holder. They also said they were from Visa Citibank but I said I don’t have an account with them. Then later they said they were from CapitalOne. I would not give them the last four numbers of my card but likely they already had it. I asked for a number to call back, to verify I was speaking with someone from CapitalOne, and they gave me 1-800-903-3637 for "Card Services". That is not the number on the back of my card and is not a CapitalOne phone number.

The voice of the caller had an Eastern Indian accent and sounded like he was calling from a call center, even putting me on mute as is typical. I’m guessing I was being muted as he was conferring on strategy to convince me to provide more information. The call occurred today at 12:39 pm CT and lasted for 8 minutes.

A friend on Facebook sent me a message yesterday, 3/15, through the Messenger app of Facebook. I opened it on my IPhone 7. Her second message told me she had been hacked. Unfortunately, I’d already clicked on the first message to open it up and she told me that’s how they get in and that I should change my passwords and delete the messages from her. I had Facebook open on both my Mac laptop and my mobile phone and had closed the applications after the possible hack. Later yesterday evening on my Mac laptop, I requested a credit report from Transunion. Seems coincidental they have my credit card number and it would have been on my credit report.

In the meantime, I called CapitalOne using the number on the back of my card and asked them to re-issue another card. I did this for my other accounts as well. One other event. When I tried calling the number on the back of my WellsFargo debit card, I may have added an additional number and the call went to an automated number that asked for my pin number three times then disconnected the call saying "thank you for calling Skytell". I called 1-800-869-93557 but the correct number for WellsFargo is 1-800-869-3557.

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