Veronica –

Victim Location 78041

Type of a scam Credit Cards

The message says you are eligible for a reduction of interest rate on your Visa/MasterCard. Press 9 to speak to a representative. The person refused to remove my cellular number from the calling list and told me that he would have nothing to gain by removing me. He was extremely rude and pushy. This is clearly a scam. I tried calling the number from a landline and the call did not go through.

Vanessa –

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Listened to your interview with Danielle this morning on scams… just received a call one hour ago from Visa/Mastercard recording saying I had a very good credit rating as I paid my credit cards on time and I’m eligible for 0% interest rate. Normally I hang up but this time stayed on the line. An East Indian (type) voice came on and I could hear many other voices in background.

I asked if he could prove he was with credit card companies by telling me my full name on credit card. He said Peggy *** so I knew right away he was a scam and told him he was wrong. Luckily my legal name is Margaret which is not public (phone listing or facebook).

He quickly hung up and when I redialed the number, of course, it wasn’t working.

Just thought I would pass along to and copied Danielle as a f.y.i. I did look on website but didn’t notice this particular story. It’s been the last four months that I have been getting this call weekly.


Cindy –

Victim Location 97338

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This phone number called two days in a row. I answered today. It was a prompt recording stating it was "Lisa with Card Services" had a special upgrade and offer. Press one if I was interested. I pressed one. I was connected to a young middle eastern man. I asked his name and what company he was with. He said they represented Visa/Mastercard. I asked his name again. He said he works with Capital One, Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and asked what card I had. I asked him again what his name was since in the introduction it didn’t say my name or exactly where they were calling from. He told me to hang up. I said what is your name, then he said "shut the [censored] up bitch" and hung up on me. Defiantly a scam.

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