Visa Mastercard Credit Services imposter

Cory –

Victim Location 59714

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This "company" calls saying they are representing Visa and Mastercard to lower your interest rate. They are VERY savvy, ask for only the last 4 numbers on your credit card and expiration date. They tell you the APR and balance to verify that they are legitimate. They could easily look up my account with that info, so it doesn’t seem seem like it’s a scam. They don’t ask for the entire card number, password or security code on the first card, but then when they ask if you have another card (to see which card would be better to lower the interest on) they then ask for the whole number of the next card. I became suspicious when they asked for the full number, asked why, and the answer ws very believable and I seriously gave them the full number and realized I shouldn’t have and called them out. I also then looked at the number the call was coming from and saw that it was a local cell number. When I questioned their legitimacy and asked to have a toll free number to call them back on, they wouldn’t give me one, transferred me to someone who supposedly would give me one and he also wouldn’t. I hung up, called both of my credit card companies and cancelled my cards immediately to be safe. I consider myself a pretty intelligent person and these guys really are very convincing in making you feel like they are legitimate by looking up your card info with only limited information given and telling you accurate & current information on your APR and balance.

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