Visibuilders: 825 N Jefferson St Milwaukee, WI (1000018380)

Bonnie –

Victim Location 62216

Total money lost $12,000

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a call from a "*** ***" he was looking for agents to help with credit card conversion and processing. I was told that I could make money and all I needed to do was to invest my money. First it was $695.00 and I would be told how to go out and promote this company well before the day was out I received another call and I was told that I could be making $17000.00/month for $9000.00 of which $4000.00 was to pay for "Leads" that were purchased from Wells Fargo Bank (that’s where the money was wired to) and that they would do all of the work.I get a third call from a *** *** who was selling "Titles" and I was told that for another $2500.00 I would have a title to my company and that my business taxes were to be taken care of by them and that I would get every cent of my "Start up" cost back from the IRS by Jan of 2014. So it went I talked to a *** *** who was a campaign leader and he was in charge of the so called "Leads" or companies who were on the "verge" of converting their card machines over to Visibuilders for a better rate on their conversions.This went on for a four months. As soon as I wasn’t able to see my agent page I called only to hear the tone on the other end saying the number had been disconnected, my agent page disappeared as well as a video for "My company" also disappeared. I’m in debt now when I wasn’t before these scam artist came along to the tune of $12000.00 plus. If is sounds too good to be true…IT IS!

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