Vision Ezone

Robyn –

Victim Location 19808

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I received a message from vision ezone, stating that if I don’t cancel some service that they said I had with them, I would be billed 399.99. I called and had to leave a message. Then about an hour later I get a call asking if I want to cancel . I’m not so many words I told him where to go, and that I would report this to the NBB

Marvin –

Victim Location 29627

Total money lost $891

Type of a scam Tech Support

Computer crashed on 3-26-2016

Beeping and "speaking" that I had been hacked

Tried to call the geek squad who I had an antivirus protection plan with but they said it had expired on 2-11-2016

(Never notified about that)

It was very early in the morning. Nothing was open so I call the number it told me to call to resolve the issue.

I purchased another spyware program from them. $191.00. It seemed reasonable. That’s a little less than what I paid via geek squad.

They emailed confirmations and a security code to use if I needed to contact them or I they contacted me. I received many confirmations and never really looked at them. I’ll attach a few of them.

Fast forward to July 19, 2016

I’m out of town on vacation. The same thing happens on my computer but my husband was trying to access the computer. He calls the number it’s saying to contact and he’s purchases a "lifetime warranty" for $800 so it doesnt happen again.

I received a phone call sept 6 saying

We must have been scammed. They felt so bad they wanted to return my $191. However, Since they couldn’t cut me a check and mail it to me or credit the card I had used they needed to get into my bank account to transfer me the money. Stupid I know. He needed access to my computer. I’ve done this with geek squad many times. Long story short. You guessed it I let him into my account. He says he’s going to send $20 just to make sure this is the right account. As I’m watching my account on my phone and my computer I see that my account increased by $2000.00 not $20. He then tells me that I have to go to Walgreens to wire him his money less my $191. I’ve attached what he said I needed to fill out.

Plus he wanted my cell number so that he could give me more info once I got there. My husband then noticed that our savings account decreased by $2000. I checked an all he did was transfer my own money. We then explained we were not sending any money. My husband turned off our computer and we they lost contact via computer but he was on the phone for another 45 minutes begging us to send him money so he wouldn’t get fired.

I didn’t lose any money other the $991. We paid for this fictitious software

All debit and credit cards frozen. New cards have been requested.

Computer is a place to run diagnostics and add legitimate antivirus software.

I’m not sure if it 2 different companies but the other company associated with this scam is vision

I’m too scared to contact either of them to see if they are legit.

Randi –

Victim Location 02477

Type of a scam Other

My neighbor received a cold call from a pleasant woman with an Indian accent who claimed my neighbor’s computer had been hacked into and sold her a paid subscription to a computer security program that took an hour and a half to install on her computer.

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