Vision shipping Courier

Kristine – May 08, 2020

Victim Location 39307

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Other

The scammer said they were selling pure breed Siamese kittens and they would cost 400 dollars with 100 dollars for shipping. The money was sent using Zelle. Once the cat was purchased it was then “turned” over the “shipping company” who would contact you with all information. The “shipper” would then claim they need another 750.00 for at thermal crate due to regulations. That would be sent through zelle as well. Then come back for another charge for “insurance for the pet” for another 688 that they would try to collect through zelle. Once it was discovered and police were threatened. The shippers number was deactivated and they would no longer answer phone calls or emails.

You would never receive a kitten because they do not exist. They are constantly changing their numbers but those are the ones they used with me. They are using Texas, California, and Indiana numbers. They then tried to sell the kitten to me AGAIN! This is a huge scam and they will use any reason of excuse to get your money. This is associated with the Kiana Siamese Kitten website scam. This is who they use as their ”shipping company”.

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