VisitorsList Inc

Tristan –

Victim Location 90071

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

After a big event in our city, someone from this company emailed several of my staff members, advertising a list of contacts to sell of attendees of that big city-wide event and claiming to be affiliated with the event host (they have done the same to others after big events in their cities – conventions/ festivals/ etc.). They were responsive at first, everything seemed legit – as soon as they cashed their payment, they sent a list that was totally incorrect and not at all what was advertised. After much back and forth, they insisted the list was correct and stopped answering my calls or responding to emails. I did contact the organizers of the event that VisitorsList was claiming to have received the contact list from and they confirmed that this was a scam. Pretty sure this is just 1 guy running this scam, but I have been hung up on by their "managers" – accused of lying, threatened by one of their employee service reps, and left on hold for hours so I would give up on trying to get my non-profit’s money back. If this were a legit business, they would have 1. had the product they advertised for sale 2. would answer their "business" phones, 3. would not physically threaten a customer over the phone 4. would actually have some clue as to what the list they were advertising would look like – the list they sent was NOT a list of individual attendees which was immediately evident when I opened the file 5. have a process for dealing with unhappy customers 6. not delete all the complaints on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. I could go on an on.

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