Vita Luminance

Albert –

Victim Location 97526

Total money lost $225

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered this product and was under the impression first of all that it was a sample and there was no indication that I would be charged after 14 days. Also no indication as to how much I would be charged. I feel this is a scam and was deceiving. I called and told them I was unaware of that and that the product doesn’t work and I would not want to reorder. I asked to ship back the remaining product in return for my money. They refused and told me because it wasn’t within the 14 days and the product could not be opened. That makes no sense when the whole point is to try the product to see if you like it. So basically you are out the total amount that is not dusclosed no matter what because you opened the product. I reiterated I would like to send the product back and get my money back she basically gave me a speech of their hours and days of operation and hung up on me. I do not feel the product worked and all I want to do is return it and get my $200.00 back that they took from my checking account without authorization. I only authorized $4.95 and the next thing I knew I was charged for two products and was charged $11.95 when I thought it was only ordering one but I let that go. So actually I was scammed twice. All I want is my money back that they took 2 days ago and to return the product.

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