Vital Records impostor

Nancy –

Victim Location 20147

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Other

I attempted to make a request to obtain a birth certificate for my brother. I used my debit card to pay 30.00 to get the certificate. When I did not receive the certificate I sent a note of inquiry. They confirmed receipt and said that they only do the research and that I should complete the attached form send a check for 10.00 per certificate. There was some what ifs on the form (I had to show that I was my brothers caregiver by providing a copy of my drivers license along with the check. When I did not hear anything I call the Department of Health only to find that the website used was a scam but they the scam is using the Dept. of Health’s mailing address. The Dept. of Health spoke person says mail does not come to that location they were not helpful at all and very rude. The Scam artist now has a copy of my driver’s license and and check written out to Dept. of Health. The scammer was paid $30.00 by check card and then $20.00 by a personal check. The emails came from David, Customer Service Department and the the web was

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