Meghan –

Victim Location 28216

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The company, Vitaminas Y Mas, contacted my wife to inform her that she had won a $1000.00. My wife asked where did this cash prize come from since she has not filled out any sweep stakes nor entered any contest. The female rep stated that my wife took a survey months ago and her name popped up on a lottery draw. My wife looked puzzled, I know this because she was talking to the rep in our living room while she had the rep on speaker phone in my presence. The rep then stated that my wife must go to the nearest post office to our home address which the rep recited to my wife (our address) and then said "all you have to do when you go to the post office is pay $160.00 with either cash or money for your grand prize. we DO NOT accept debit or credit card payment." My wife and I looked at each other clearly recognizing what was happening here. My wife told the rep that she was thankful but she did not want to accept their prize. The rep on the phone immediately snapped and states to my wife that she "clearly doesn’t know who she is messing with!" At this point we were both confused and my wife just hung up the phone. Then a male rep calls back from a different phone number stating he is the company attorney. After refusing to provide his name but continuing to emphasize he is the company attorney, the rep tells my wife " this is not a game and if you don’t want us coming for you you will go to the post office and pay what you owe!" Now, I heard enough. I take the phone from my wife and introduce myself and let the rep know that I have been present during the conversation and if they have been recording using Line6 then he would also hear my wife refusing to accept their PRIZE." I then said " we aren’t obligated to accept anything we didn’t ask for let alone have to pay for" the rep raised his voice at me and reminded me that they know where we live. I told the rep that it is pretty clear they are trying to extort my wife and now are harassing her because she refuses to accept a prize she didn’t ask for when in reality Vitaminas Y Mas is attempting to force people to buy products they never order without paper trails using cash or money orders. Vitaminas Y Mas currently has 8 ACTIVE complaints and investigations currently ongoing. The male rep told me they are going to sue us for everything we have.

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