Tristan –

Victim Location 19977

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Phone call was recieved Scammer introduced herself as "Julie" and asked if she was able to be heard ok

Steve –

Victim Location 44024

Type of a scam Phishing

I am currently job hunting and receive regular calls from Recruiters. My home office phone rang and I answered the call. This phone does not have Caller ID. I said "Hello" and a woman’s pleasant voice said "Can you hear me?", to which I responded "Yes, I can". She then said that she was calling about my warranty and if I didn’t pay for the additional service, I’d lose out on the warranty. Knowing that I had no such "Warranty" pending on anything, I said so and then hung up the phone. My husband heard my brief conversation and immediately told me that I should have quickly hung up the phone because it was probably a scam. He said that in the last month or so that the TV stations and the Internet had been posting warnings to consumers about scans such as this. Purportedly, the individuals making these calls are trying to get the answering person to say the word "YES" … so they have a voice verification that the person had said "Yes" in response to something the scammer will likely concoct and then have the person’s voice saying "Yes". As noted above, unfortunately, as noted above, I DID give that affirmative response that I could hear her (probably wasn’t even a real person; likely a recording) … so ‘they’ have my recorded "Yes". If this IS the start of a scam, then I’ve been caught in it. After my husband’s explanation, I did search the internet and found definite warnings by the media about this precise type of call. Hopefully, nothing will come of it, but I wanted to report it nonetheless in case I get caught up in something fraudulent. We were able to get the details of the Caller identity and phone number from the Call Log on our kitchen phone which does have Caller ID so I have provided it in this complaint. The call came in on February 16, 2017 at 4:12pm EST.

Raul –

Victim Location 44039

Type of a scam Other

I answered the phone and a woman said, "we are calling about the last chance on the warranty, can you hear me clearly?" I said, "yes." Then she asked about the warranty again and I said, "what warranty?" The she said she didn’t understand my response and I should press 1 to talk to someone. I hung up.

Angela –

Victim Location 07738

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initially person (turned out to be robo call) said car was coming off warranty and did I want to hear options, before could respond (still thinking was talking to real person) was asked CAN YOU HEAR ME, to which at 9 am in morn said, yes, and she then continued on with call but told ‘her’ twice not interested, ‘she’ asked again if I could hear, and realizing was robo call, hung up.

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