Viven Ventures Limited Name Spoofing

Karen – Jul 21, 2020

Victim Location 30281

Type of a scam Employment

A company called Viven Ventures Limited contacted me via email out of the blue saying I was a good fit for an Assistant Management position working from home. They said that they received my resume on a job networking website. The job description and salary was what interested me to the job, so I reached out. I tried to look the company up on the internet, but I couldn’t find a website. They called me for an interview, however, the guy that spoke sounded a little off, kind of like an animated voice. I received an email saying I got the job about a week or two later. Because I was a recent graduate and was desperately looking for a job, I accepted. They then sent me a link to their website and employment contract, so I was sure that the job was real. However, I received an "Encrypted Attachment Warning" saying not to download it unless I was sure the email was legit. I merely ignored the warning. On my first day of training, they told me that I must create my own banking account so that they could filter clients’ money through, and I would be allowed to transfer the money into the company account. This did not sit well with my parents and I since they shouldn’t need an employee’s bank account to handle their business. After doing more research on the company and searching it on the BBB, we found nothing on the company. However, we found that employment scams use the same email format to lure employees in as they did to me, and surprisingly I received about 3 more similar emails that I believe were also scams. We also found some negative reviews of people saying that it was a terrible place to work and they were not paid for 60 days or never paid at all. Out of fear of this being a potential scam, I quickly resigned and decided to report it to the BBB.

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