Vivian W Rivera

Robyn –

Victim Location 93307

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Rental

I was looking for a house for rent because I am in urgent need of one. I found an ad on craigslist in which "Vivian" was renting her house because she needed someone to take car of her house. It seemed like a great deal 650 for rent and 650 deposit. I contacted her through email and she responded by saying that she was in a mission in San Antonio, Texas. She told me she was a christian, she very sympathetic towards my cause. A few days after the contact and filling of an "application" which was only questions through an email, she accepted to take in $100 on, Wed. July, 15th, so i can secure the house and I was going to to pay her the remainder of the deposit two days after that, Fri. July 18th. With the first 100 i was supposed to get the keys to the house but that same day after i payed the 100 which she demanded to get through an Amazon card, she contacted me after I gave her the information to tell me that she spoke to her lawyer and he advice her to not send the keys. After, she said she would send the keys after the deposit was paid in full to which I thought was fair. That Friday I called her to let her know i only had half the money, Only to find out i hadnt been contacting Vivian but her husband. He then responded by saying ok that he would send the keys with those 300 the next day. On that day I went to put the money through a western Union. They didnt wanted me to put it under Vivians name but under her assistants Beverly, who happened to live in Oklahoma. Her "assistant" was not able to withdraw the money. He contacted me again, throught text which was how they would mostly communicate, to tell me to pull out the money and to send it through a money gram. I did as they told me, when i was filling out the moneygram information they refused to give me a bank account to send it to or a card to deposit the money in. Instead they wanted me to send it to "Toby" in Arkansas. when I told them i couldnt send it with out that information, for i wanted to be able to track my money and make sure it got to the right person, they told me to get an Amazon card, I told them that I was not able to do that because i would have to buy more than one and they said, ok buy more than one i’ll b waiting. By this time I was tired of their games so i just didnt sent or boight anything. When I told them I no longer wanted to rent theygot really mad. They said that they had already shipped the keys and that because i signed a lease it would cost to take my name off. They sent me a picture not of the keys but of a box with a tracking number, but by this time I was done I told them if i can have a refund of my 100 dollars and they said no. That the most they could send was 40 because of the fee to take off my name of the lease. I said ok to avoid arguments and more drama. I have now waited 1 week and they stopped all contact with me and never received my 100 or my 40 dollars.

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