Vivid Imperial Art Gallery

Dale –

He also tried to get me but I caught on as soon as he wanted me to deposit a check in my account

Natalie –

I have also been offered a virtual assistant job by them but it’s not the art gallery its somebody using the gallery in their scam

Rachel –

Victim Location 08886

Type of a scam Employment

The Vivid Imperial Art Gallery is almost convincing. For the first few days, you’re trading emails, helping Gareth out like he suggested, and then he sends you a check that you need to cash. However, this check is automatically suspicious. Don’t cash it. Bring it in to the police, and make sure you report him right away. This man is not to be trusted, and he’s using people.

Manuel –

I’ve recently been offered a position as Gareth’s Virtual Office Assistant. Did he issue a fraudulent check to you?

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