Deanna –

Victim Location 65548

Total money lost $99.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone number was found on Dell site for computer tech help.

Called number and the tech took over computer and now have to send whole computer to actual Dell company.

Paula –

Victim Location 34759

Type of a scam Tech Support

My inlaws were just hit with a new version of the tech support scam ( that is more sophisticated than before. They refuse to believe they have been scammed because they only spent a few hundred dollars via wire transfer and the website looks legit to them.

Here is what happened. On Friday morning, my elderly Chinese father in law had his gmail account hacked. Every one in his contacts list received an email saying he was stranded overseas and to send money. My husband contacted him and said he needed to change his password. When my FIL did this, he saw that the language settings had all been changed. While he was puzzling over this, someone called him saying they were "Tony" from his car insurance company. "Tony" claimed that he had received his fake email and knew how to fix his problem. Then he gave them the number of this fake company that is supposed to be based in Herndon, Viztec, ( which convinced him to give them his checking account number and routing numbers. Then he convinced my FIL to allow him to remote access his computer and "remove" some viruses.

My inlaws live in Florida, we are in Houston. Right now my FIL is being extremely stubborn and will not believe he has been scammed.

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