Maria –

Victim Location 55410

Type of a scam Employment

I know two other girls who have received similar text messages, multiple times and over the course of months from different numbers (but all the same ‘Naomi’ person). It’s a job offer, but they don’t tell you what the job is… and say that XXX recommended you. In all of our cases, the person who ‘recommended’ us were people we knew from high school / activities but who we weren’t close to at all. This submission thing won’t let me send more than one image but it also included a picture of the ‘Naomi’ person with the person who supposedly referenced me (a person I know and have met and seen in person multiple times.) It’s a really low quality picture so it was likely doctored but it could certainly be convincing enough to scam someone. They also included a link to their website vmcteam.com, which just brings you to a screen with the same vague info that asks you to click "enter" for more info about the job… I’m fairly certain its a sex trafficking thing and also reported this to that respective tip hotline.

Eduardo –

Victim Location 95247

Type of a scam Employment


I received a text message from a Sacramento number. It used my personal name and stated they received my number from so n so (whom I never heard of.) Team member named Jade stated that this person had nice things to say about me and referred me to them to work with their team. The job offer was not described but strongly suggested that my work schedule could be flexible around other jobs or school. For more information I needed to click a link to their website. I did not reply or click the link, I deleted it.


A reminder text from Jade saying she just wanted to make sure I received her text yesterday and repeated most of the message from yesterday. Different sentences but same context including the link to their website.

I had two pictures of today’s message but can only post one.

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