Vocal Mystery Shoppers Inc

Juan –

Victim Location 11365

Type of a scam Employment

Received a check in the mail for $2450 dated 12/17/18 attached to a letter with instructions to go to any Walmart to spend $2250 worth of merchandise. Letter further instructs to text 213-257-8034 when check is received, and to provide my name. All further instructions would be rec received via text. Next step was to deposit said check into my bank account and then notify the sender via text with the statement "Draft Lodged". (I don’t thin so–skeptical).

I am to check availability of funds after 24 hours and proceed to my assignment immediately. $200 is my salary to keep. I called the Task Supervisor named on the letter and was told that assignments at at the closest Walmart in my area. After doing a google search, there is only one Walmart in my county. I tried to ask more questions. What am I to buy, do I keep the merchandise? Product description will only be disclosed once the check is cashed and I’m ready for my assignment. So what is my assignment I ask. To evaluate customer service and report back findings. So do I keep the merchandise. No you will receive further instructions to mail it out. To where and am I paying for this postage. The said supervisor was becoming annoyed and instructed me just to follow the steps and wait for further instructions. I said to him, who mails out a check to a complete stranger without vetting that person. He hung up!

I went to my bank to see a teller face to face about this check, and spoke with the bank manager and was informed that said check is a fake. My bank has a copy of this check drawn on Central Pacific Bank and issued by MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc. and will be submitting it to the fraud investigation dept. It’s a SCAM. End of Story.

Dale –

Victim Location 81506

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

At some point before Christmas clicked yes instead of No on a website about mystery shopping….

January 15th I received a priority mail envelope with a check for $2450.00 and a letter with the steps I was to follow

for my task and my salary of $200.00 at the end by deducting it from the balance of the $2450.00. The letter seemed very rushed and

secretive I started investigating and here I am.

Marie –

Victim Location 30813

Type of a scam Employment

I responded to a mystery shopping as soon LinkedIn. Several days later I received a text message saying I was hired to be a mystery shopper. A couple of weeks after that I received a"cashier’s check" for$2450.00 and instructions to deposit the check at the counter. Once deposited, I was told to notify there company via text that the funds are available, 24 hours after deposit.

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