Vocal mystery shoppers

Nikki –

Victim Location 70117

Type of a scam Employment

I received a message on my LinkedIn account about a job opportunity for secrecy shopping. I replied because I’m broke. About a week later I received a text message stating that my first task will be sent to me via mail within 5 days. Today I received a letter that was sent to me through USPS as a priority 2 day mail and when I opened it it came with a cashier’s check from Arkansas Federal credit Union for $2,450 saying that $200 was my salary for the task. The secret shopper client was listed as Wal-Mart. the Secret Shopper agency was listed as "Vocal mystery Shoppers". I was told to text this number 213-374-1589 and text with Charles Cole for details of secret shopper assignment and to deposit the check. the letter emphasized texting rather than calling. When I went to the listed website, it had the Mystery Shoppers Professional Association logo…HOWEVER, they are NOT MEMBERS OF THIS ASSOCIATION! When I called the Arkansas Federal Credit Union, they confirmed that the check IS FAKE and WARNED TO NOT DEPOSIT!!!

Dana –

Victim Location 64064

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a flat rate envelope in the mail that says priority mail united postal states service cusps tracking#9405 5118 9956 0239 5978 90 at the bottom by barcode it says July 2013

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