Voice Directories

Karen –

Victim Location 49203

Type of a scam Other

This company or one posing as a Voice Directories employee calls and says that for $129.00 start up and $19.99 per month thereafter they can get your company listed on numerous voice Directories such as Siri, and Google Assistant, Apple’s system etc.

So, asked to verify their company name and address and they hung up the 1st time. The second call I acted interested and asked if they could send me an email on it, to which the phone rep acted no so interested in doing and hung up again.

So, I called the company that is listed online and they have a different number than the one the phone rep used. So, I really get the feeling that this phone rep is a scam and perhaps posing as a company that may in fact have a real product and service to offer. But, it needs more research to tell what is going on here so beware.

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