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Latoya –

Victim Location 33809

Type of a scam Tech Support

I’ve had two in two days. The first one was a person representing himself as being from Microsoft, telling me there was several complaints of illegal activity surrounding an old email acct. of my son. I was told to stand in front of my computer so they could tell me what to enter so they could fix the problem. He assured me I could trust him because he didn’t want any money, (only remote access to my computer). When I refused to do what he wanted the police & FBI was brought up, I told him to call them if he wanted to & hung up. Now today, someone called saying they were from Google & the line was very similar. This time he gave me a name, phone number, ID number w/ an extension. The email acct. was being used in China and it had a virus. He did change his story and rambled a lot, not making much sense at the end, while I continued to deny his increasing insistence to grant his request. Our conversation ended when, in frustration, he asked me what I wanted him to do? I told him to "hang up" and he did.

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